Edgewater EX Hot Tub


40 STAINLESS-STEEL ADJUSTABLE JETS: Calm down with passive treatment or transfer to an invigorating massage on the touch of a button.
SEATS five-6: Make a choice from Lounger or Non-Lounger seating configurations with quite a lot of area for family and friends. Get an entire body massage within the Lounger or make a selection one of the crucial Captain’s Chairs for an invigorating massage.
POWERFUL 5 PEAK HP PUMP: Enjoy the benefits of a bigger pump within the invigorating massage and the efficiency you’ll experience throughout less warm months.
ALL SEASON: 4kW (240V) true all-season, stainless steel Balboa heater for year-spherical enjoyment. Heavy-duty, insulated tapered quilt with locking clips included.
MADE IN THE USA: You’ll show pride in realizing that your Very important Hot Bath is made proper here in america.


Essential Hot Tubs 40-Jet Edgewater EX Hot Tubs, Seats 5-6, with Lounger, Redwood

Edgewater EX
At Essential Hot Tubs, we are on a mission to help the world relax by making hydrotherapy accessible to everyone. Our premium spas will enhance your outdoor space while delivering a calming environment full of opulence, relaxation, and therapeutic relief.
MADE IN THE USA: You can take pride in knowing that your Essential Hot Tub is made right here in the USA.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a therapeutic massage with added features including headrests, adjustable jets and LED lighted water columns. You’ll have a variety of seat options from which to choose… the lounger, captain’s chairs and side seats offer hydrotherapy right where you need it. Keep refreshments close at hand with the convenient built-in ice bucket with lid.

Settle into the Essential Hot Tubs Edgewater EX spa and experience hydrotherapeutic luxury at home. The Edgewater EX spa gives you acrylic spa luxury wrapped in a beautiful faux-wood, low-maintenance, exterior. All 40 fully-adjustable stainless-steel jets are powered by a 5 Peak HP, 2-speed energy-efficient pump. Have a relaxing evening or choose a more invigorating setting and massage away the day’s aches & pains with Edgewater EX’s high-speed hydrotherapy. Essential Hot Tub’s user-friendly, state-of-the-art command center with digital, backlit display allows customization of temperature, jets, lighting, and filtration. Experience the advantages of a larger pump and 4kW heater in the invigorating massage and performance you’ll receive during colder months. We recommend having this 240V spa professionally installed by a licensed electrician. Multicolor, programmable LED water columns, spa controls and underwater lighting adds ambience to your luxury spa experience. Perimeter insulation allows your spa to retain optimum heat from your Balboa all-season, stainless-steel heater all year long. Edgewater also comes with a heavy-duty, insulated tapered cover with locking clips allowing you to easily & comfortably close your spa while not in use. This product is delivered using a curbside delivery service.

2-4 Captain’s Chairs
Seats that focus on key areas of your shoulders and back, while the others provide a more powerful back massage.

1 Lounger Chair (optional)
With 5 back jets and 6 leg jets you will feel relaxed in minutes!

40 Stainless Steel Jets
With 40 fully adjustable stainless steel jets you will feel all your day’s aches and pains wash away!

Easy-To-Use Controls
Each hot tub has a digital backlit display that is easy to see at night. With the touch of a button control the power of jets, water temperature and lighting.

Edgewater EX Hot Tub
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